Friday, November 11, 2011

New Pixel Icon Inc. Website

Good news, people... the official Pixel Icon Inc. site is now up!

Please bookmark and visit this link to get more info and updates on Pixel Icon Studio, PXLi Magazine, LuvStruck Wedding Photography, Pixel Icon School of Photography and Visually Perfect Poses.

Make sure you sign up for an account to get exclusive and important data reserved for registered users only.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Are The Faces Behind Pixel Icon?

So who are the gals, and the fiery force behind everything Pixel Icon? These lovely ladies in red are!
From your left to right is Dana Yotov, Dymex Sapphire, Sessie16 Resident, and Ashia Denimore.
They are my co-workers, best friends, support system, sisters, and so much more.
Thank you Dana Yotov for taking this lovely picture, and if you are slightly curious as to what we are wearing, send us an IM in world :)
Don't forget that we are still accepting applications for the Pixel Icon School of Photography batch of October 20th.
Here is the link just in case: Application
We are so excited for this intense and amazing future we have planned for Pixel Icon; PXLi magazine will be here before you know it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pixel Icon School of Photography!

Pixel ICON School of Photography

»-Want to learn photography in second life? Want to be the best professional photographer? how about just want to enhance your photos for your store ads? If you have very basic skills or just want to improve and sharpen your editing come and check out our classes. We are taking enrollment for the month of October. Be quick places going pretty fast! Classes starts in October 20th.

»-What is Pixel ICON? We are a photography studio and now school, running for 2 years with some of the best work on Second Life! Our teachers have taught in various schools through second life including modeling agencies.

If you want to skip the beginner portions of our classes, and enhance your PS skills, please feel free to contact Ashia Denimore or Dymex Sapphire in world. We are allowing students in our Photography 200 and higher.

Pixel Icon Co. School of Photography Application!

P.S 7 to CS 5
Photography 101 Schedule:
Monday: 10 am
Tuesday: 6am, 7pm
Wednesday: 10am
Thursday: 6am, 7pm
Sunday (make up day): 6am, 7pm


Unbeatable Prices!!!
Enrollment is open to ALL avatars interested, no matter what age or form!
Enroll now and become the best you can be!

PiXel ICON Studio CEO and Instructor
Ashia Denimore


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PXLi Magazine November Issue


Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's New with Pixel Icon?

As you may, (or may not) know, Pixel Icon Inc., runs the PXLi Magazine, Pixel Icon Photography Studio, and Pixel Icon Photography School. As you can imagine, we have been running like little hamsters on a treadmill to keep busy with all the new things going on. Let me update you on the latest news:

PXLi Magazine:
Today (Sunday, 9th) we had a model casting for an upcoming issue for December. We decided on a winter theme, (holidays, snow, etc), and cast 10 new models to join the team. We are extremely delighted on how big the turn out was, considering this was our first casting, we had 30 applicants and only could pick a third of them.
We are still working on the layout out for our first official debut of PXLi which is due within the next couple weeks, so look out for it!

Pixel Icon Photography School:
This month is the first official month of our photography school, we had approximately ten students enrolled in our Photography 101 class with Ashia Denimore. The classes will be over tomorrow, and the students will be given certificates at the end. Photography 101 will be taught again next month, and next up for 101 grads would be an Intro to Photoshop which will start early November. Here is a link to an application if you are interested in taking a course with us:

If you have questions about the classes, or tuition; please contact Ashia Denimore or Dymex Sapphire in world.

We appreciate all of your help, and constant support as we are just getting started.
More Power,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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